Selfless Sewa
Only a complete human is a true spiritual being. Everyone has to spend every moment of life considering it as sewa, irrespective of the nature of work being performed at home, office, school, etc. Coming here in uniform and performing given duty is also a form of sewa. Everyone is supposed to maintain dignity of a true volunteer, clad in sewadal uniform - like servants of saints - irrespective of holding any professional position. A service rendered selflessly, with dedication and without any desire is the true service. Without a desire, if a job is performed dedicatedly, it is called sewa.
Spirituality and Selfless Service
A small seed has a big potential to become a large tree with abundant fruits and leaves to provide soothing shadow to people in the scorching heat. There are other trees which have great medicinal value. So it all starts from one seed. We have repeatedly heard about the theme of the Samagam: 'Spirituality and Humanity Hand in Hand', i.e., how a person can become spiritual. Each person has full potential and in psychology also, we talk about Pyramid Self-Perfection Principles, and Self-Actualization (to know oneself in depth). Each person has potential of getting spiritual and to become a complete or spiritual individual. Anyone soaked in this spiritual colour does not think in terms of whom is he serving, where from he has come, what mind set does he have, what is his culture, religion and food habits. They concentrate on the spirit be it a neighbour, acquaintance or can be a stranger - he has the same spirit of service for all. The person being served may have a human form, but the service is being rendered to God because we know that each person has in him full energy and capacity of God because this soul is a constituent of God.