Attainment Of God Knowledge
If a person, standing in a ground facing sun, is asked to suppose the sun is shining up on him; the man would say why should he suppose when he is actually facing the sun. So is the case of Nirankar who can actually be seen and attained and the life can be led based on Him. It is not a matter of a fantasy. It is not that God will be seen only after doing lots of rituals. No, the journey of devotion starts with the attainment of God-Knowledge, and each moment of life can be spent in His remembrance.
Light Of God In Everyone
One who has imbibed God Knowledge shines so bright that no darkness can scare it away. Such person is part of the very Light that illuminates the entire Universe. One can see the light of God shining in every person and see everyone equally. Then one does not feel hatred towards anyone; instead, one looks forward to learn something from each one. We must respect with our hearts, not out of fear of what someone's opinion will be about me if I do not behave well with another person, or what will they speak about me to other's?